About the Company

Parallel Artistic seeks to spread contemporary art while delivering artistic performances and experiences that elevate the success of an organization’s existing event, mission, or campaign.

Brand promise – Our brand promise is to teach through experiences, to support by appreciating, and to help clients engage with their prospects and customers through art.

Abram Palmer - President

Abram Palmer is a US-born performance art producer and artist development coach. He´s been a driving force behind presentations such as fashion show openings, fundraising concerts, art shows, and special marketing events. When he isn´t organizing and coaching talent, he loves learning with audiobooks and youtube videos. He is president and CEO of Parallel Artistic, a performance art production company and creative agency that just won a grant for its unique value in the marketplace.

With full professional proficiency in Spanish thanks to a life-changing adventure in South America, Abram´s focus in Denver productions has been to elevate the latino community and connect cultures. Art is a powerful mechanism for social change as well as a great tool for business development. Abram holds this truth as he continues to innovate and advance as a self-described creative entrepreneur, producing works of passion and delivering awesome value.

Lorenzo Martínez - Artistic Director

Born in Santiago, Chile, Álvaro Lorenzo Martínez Gómez has dedicated his life to creating and sharing art. His early formation was based in differential education. Ever a dancer, Lorenzo developed himself in choreography, design, and art direction thereafter. This background has lead to his specialty of teaching dance, theater, and social skills to children through the disciplines of dance. Martínez carries an advanced degree in art direction from Universidad Mayor as well as several other certifications having to do with this field.

As Artistic Director of Parallel Artistic, Martínez designs culturally relevant performances that elevate all who take part – whether as a performer or as a audience member. He continues to live his personal mission of spreading contemporary art to people and places with limited access.